On March 7-9, 2013, the Association for Hispanic Classical Theatre introduced a new venture between theater scholars and practitioners.

In this Practicum, actors, directors, translators, scholars and observers united to pursue a challenging mission: the exploration of performance dynamics of the act-one finale from No puede ser el guardar una mujer by Agustín Moreto. Interested in seeing what we did? We've archived some of the steps here for everyone to enjoy. Click links and hypertexts below to...

  • dramaturgical points - by working together with scholars and theater practitioners we were able to tease out intricacies related to the text. The directors were also able to take advantage of "living footnotes" to clarify obscure portions of the text. Come join us in our next endeavor to experience this wonderful collaboration

Page created by Dr. Kerry Wilks (and also process, call for future work, and Spanish text). Plot summaries, calls, program descriptions all created by Dr. Benjamin Gunter. Want to know more or become more involved? Email us at:
Kerry Wilks kerry.wilks@wichita.edu
Ben Gunter donjuandramaturg@yahoo.com