recipe for cooking up a (small) New World

Step One: boil down

Re-read the play (in Spanish, in English, or both).+ (see bibliography below)

For each act,

  • List 2 or 3 scenes that MUST be retained in a condensation.

  • Make suggestions for filling any gaps between these scenes that MUST be bridged in a performance.

  • Note any points of context that MUST be explained for an audience new to the play.

Report your results on the wiki by April 20. Read others’ reports and comment.

Step Two: whisk together

Re-read the sequence of scenes that we’ve collaboratively concluded are key.

Then work on one strategy for linking these scenes into a unified performance piece. Either:

  • translate a key scene, or

  • write narration that a character will speak between acts, filling the audience in on what’s happened and/or what to expect, or

  • spell out an opportunity for audience participation, or

  • draw up a plan for minimizing the number of actors needed to perform the condensation (by doubling or tripling roles).

Report your results on the wiki by May 4. Read others’ reports and comment.

Step Three: serve up

Read the script outline posted on the wiki on May 11 and comment.

Gather a group of friends on (or near) May 25, and read aloud the full script draft posted on the wiki.

Report your reading group’s reactions by June 1.

Then, savor success, as the script goes into production (for touring)!

click this link for access to a web copy of Fligelman's translation (1950);page=root;view=plaintext;size=100;seq=12

other translations in print -- with their own editions of the Spanish text -- include:

Shannon, Robert M.
El nuevo mundo descubierto por Cristóbal Colón: una edición crítica y bilingüe: una comedia en tres actos por Lope de Vega = The New World Discovered by Christopher Columbus. New York: Lang, 2001. ISBN 0820448842 (alk. paper). PQ 6459 .N8413 2001

Stackhouse, Kenneth A.
Translations of the American Plays of Lope de Vega: The Discovery of the New World, The Conquest of Araucania, Brazil Restored. Lewiston, NY: Mellen, 2003.
ISBN 0773468927 (hc). PQ 6459 .A2 2003

Theater with a Mission translations of scenes may be examined at:

to read Nuevo mundo in SPANISH (with no English translation)
(as posted on the Association for Hispanic Classical Theatre's web collection, at, click here: