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Link to Panel-in-Progress

ATHE's 24th Annual Conference
Theatre Alive: Theater, Media, and Survival

3:45 p.m.
Thursday, August 5, 2010
Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA


Comedia Revived: Websites, Video Archives, and Multi-Media Resources for Rediscovering Plays from the Spanish Golden Age


New developments in cyber-scholarship, digital dramaturgy, and multi-media bridges across cultures are revolutionizing options for tapping into world theater’s richest unexplored resource – the stagecraft of the Spanish Golden Age. A panel of innovators invites you into this dynamic revival.


Spain’s Siglo de Oro (c. 1580-1680) produced thousands of world-class plays, springing from a historical moment eerily like our own, expressed in stagecraft which ranges from actor-centered meditation to high-tech extravaganza, superlatively equipped to build bridges between Anglo and Latino cultural outlooks. Yet plays from the Spanish Golden Age remain barely studied, and even more rarely staged, in university theater programs.
This panel introduces newly-emerging tools for tapping into this rich resource.

Ø Webmistress for a recently-launched multinational project based at Oxford University, Kathleen Jeffs maps the future of outofthewings.org.
Ø Head of a US initiative for translating Comedia, Susan Paun de García surveys tools for pedagogy and production on wikispaces and comedias.org.
Ø Curator of the world’s largest library of Comedia performances on DVD, Jason Yancey highlights the Association for Hispanic Classical Theatre collection.
Ø Dramaturg for Florida’s experiment in Theater as Living History, Ben Gunter explores film and multi-media in performances at El Chamizal (where the US Park Service has staged a Siglo de Oro Drama Festival for 35 years).
Ø Translator of a ground-breaking volume of Comedias by female playwrights, Harley Erdman discusses media as a bridge across cultural barriers.
Ø Dramaturg for the English-language debut of Marta the Divine, Sarah Brew chronicles digi-dramaturgy’s promise for bringing Comedia back to life.

Combining critical perspectives, teaching techniques, and research methodologies from modern language studies, theater scholarship, and stagecraft on three continents, this panel invites theater historians, dramaturgs, and cultural activists to join a revolution in the making.

Panelists (and presentation topics)

Ben Gunter athe2009sigloseminar@yahoo.com
Multi-Media Methods of Revival: Film, Archival Sound, and Musical-Theater Elements in Landmark Productions at El Chamizal

Kathleen Jeffs kathleen.jeffs@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk
Presenting outofthewings.org: A New Resource for Scholar-Artists, Historians, Translators, and Cultural Activists

Susan Paun de García garcia@denison.edu
Texts to Teach, Translations to Study, and Techniques in Development: Golden Age wikispaces and comedias.org

Jason Yancey yanceyj@gvsu.edu
Three Decades of Performance, Digitized: Production Archives from the Siglo de Oro Drama Festival at El Chamizal

Harley Erdman harley@theater.umass.edu
Media Bridges Across Language Barriers: Making Marta la piadosa into Marta the Divine

Sarah Brew sarahannebrew@gmail.com
Blogging Marta from Page to Stage

Technology Requests (and rationale)

The goal of this grant is to empower the session successfully to introduce historians, dramaturgs, and mediators between Latino and Anglo cultural perspectives to emerging tools for teaching, researching, and staging plays from the Spanish Golden Age.

In addition to internet access ($300), this session needs (and our grant request includes) an LCD package ($200). Demonstrating websites and exhibiting DVD clips will prove essential for making this session feed the hunger for information that theater historians, dramaturgs, and Latino/Latina scholars bring to it.

Link to Panel-in-Progress