Translations and adaptations of El retablo de las maravillas

Translations in print

  • S. Griswold Morley (1948)

  • Edwin Honig (1964)

  • Tim Kelly (1967, with production notes)

  • Randall W. Listerman (1991)

  • Dawn L. Smith (1996)

  • Charles Patterson (2015)

Translations & Adaptations not published

  • "The Marvellous Puppet Show," a translation in contemporary British English developed for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by Kathleen Mountjoy (Jeffs) and the Oxford University Playwriting and Dramaturgy Society

  • Theater with a Mission's "El retablo where you witness miracles," a translation in American English peppered with extracts from the original Spanish, which was workshopped in the summer of 2015 for invited previews (and which relocates the play to Spanish La Florida in 1740)

  • Theater with a Mission's "Script 01-07-16," which was condensed from the summer 2015 workshop script for performance at public festivals in October of 2015 -- a condensation which goes into rehearsals this Thursday evening to be revived as part of a Historic Indian/Spanish Wedding at Mission San Luis on February 7, 2016.
  • Here is a link to a rough-video record-of-performance of Theater with a Mission's El retablo de las maravillas, Where Only the Pure See Miracles, performed at Mission San Luis in Tallahassee, Florida. The buildings in the background reconstruct the Apalachee Council House and one of the Spanish settler's houses that stood on this historic site when it was the most important Spanish Mission in La Florida, 1656-1704.