Our working agenda for the three-hour meeting on November 19 (2-5 p.m., in the Renaissance Seattle hotel) includes:

1) SHARING "SELL POINTS" for each of our target plays
(features that make these plays attractive for teaching, staging, and researching),

2) EXPLORING "POINTS OF CONTACT" that connect the plays with each other and with American theater studies
(how these plays parallel or reflect on Shakespeare, how they intersect with each other, networks of support for Comedia scholarship and production, showcases for performance experimentation, opportunities for collaboration and experience),

3) SETTING UP A "POINT-COUNTERPOINT" discussion of issues that build roadblocks between classical Spanish theater and contemporary American academia
(issues of translation; access to materials, experiences, and ideas; and traditions of cultural status and consumption), and

4) EXPERIENCING FIRST-PERSON CONTACT with what ASTR calls "embodiment" and what we're calling Comedia's power to MOVE.

Our Senior Scholars will be taking charge of item # 4
(giving us hands-on demonstrations and opportunities to network),

and our Convener will be spearheading item # 2
(introducing questions to help us explore connections among the target plays, and publicizing opportunities to get even more up close and personal with Comedia)

– though participants are certainly invited to think about these parts of the agenda in advance (especially by asking yourself how your target play suggests connections with Shakespeare and by sampling in advance the other plays involved in our working session).

Where we’ll be counting on participants most particularly to contribute is:

> item #1
(a chance to REVIEW YOUR READING of your target play AND YOUR TEAM’S DISCUSSION on the wiki), and

> item #3
(a chance to REVIEW DIFFICULTIES YOU’VE ENCOUNTERED in experiencing classical Spanish theater, and to BRAINSTORM how new publications and public-relations outreaches, new teaching and production supports, and new research incentives could radically revise that situation).