Rediscovering the Dream: New Resources for Teaching La vida es sueño


It’s the most famous play from the Spanish Golden Age. How can hands-on experiences from the stage make it more dynamic in class?

Panelists and Paper Titles:
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Rick Davis, George Mason University,
“Translating Calderón’s //Dream// for University Teaching”

Rachel Katz Carey, independent dramaturg,
“Rediscovering the //Dream// in Translation (on the Page and on the Stage)”

Ben Gunter Florida State University,
“Teaching //Life Is a Dream// through Rehearsing Comparative Translations”

Alejandra Juno Rodríguez Villar, Duke University,
“Out of the Class and into the Quad: a Cyberpunk //Dream// at Duke”

Bruce Burningham, Illinois State University,
“Performance Theory Approaches to Critiquing //La vida es sueño//

Hugh K. Long, Athens State University,
“Physical Conflict as a Tool for Exploring //La vida es sueño//”

Susan Paun de García, Denison University,
“Dream Re-Dreamed: Calderón’s Auto as a Resource for Enriching Pedagogy”

Jason Yancey, Grand Valley State University,
“Video Resources for Teaching Calderón”